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An Inspiring Bond

  • 4 Years, 3 Months AGO

Every athlete is inspired by something. When you get on the line for your last couple sprints at the end of a practice and your body wants to give in to the pain, what is it that drives you to finish?  What motivates you to play the sport you love?

The following article was published by FH Revolution Magazine and shares my inspiration to play field hockey.

I will never forget the sight as I watched him slowly fade into the airport’s monotonous commotion.  His camouflage uniform boasted the words “United States Army” and attracted glances of admiration coupled with appreciative smiles from every stranger that passed him by.  Two years before this day, he recited the Oath of Enlistment and solemnly swore to defend the United States Constitution as a commissioned officer.  After rigorous physical and mental training this man was prepared to embark on his first mission out of the country to Afghanistan.  His stride spoke volumes of fearless dignity, as he was about to risk his life to defend our freedom.  Although grief competed for all of my emotion, pride overwhelmingly succeeded as I remarked under my breath, “That hero is my big brother.” His sacrifice inspires me to stand in tall form when the national anthem sounds as I link with my teammates on the field hockey pitch. My brother, Scott, and I have an unbreakable sibling bond grounded in our devotion to America.

Although grief competed for all of my emotion, pride overwhelmingly succeeded as I remarked under my breath, “That hero is my big brother.”

We have been blessed with the opportunity to wear U-S-A on both of our uniforms even though our boots are laced up for different battlegrounds.  Whether it is on the sandy terrain of Afghani desserts or the turf fields in Argentina, my brother and I bleed red, white, and blue.  We both played pivotal roles in helping each other pursue a career for the American flag.  Scott’s assistance growing up is primarily appreciated in retrospect as he marveled in the four-year age gap between himself and his defenseless little sister.  Although his cruel taunting was infuriating, I credit him for the ruthless competitor that I have become.  My instrumental part in his life was a little less violent as I became a solid ground of support and an inspiring example of dedication.  Together we pledge our allegiance to this country, but more importantly, our loyalty lies in “one nation under God.”  Our faith in Jesus is the driving force in all that we do and sustains us through our journey of hardship and triumph.  Scott’s tattered bible has filled many sleepless nights overseas with a peace that surpasses all understanding, and we each find endless joy in glorifying God’s name through the talents He has blessed us with.

His face was priceless when he spotted our family awaiting his arrival at the end of the prolonged airport hallway.  Everyone in the welcoming party could not grip their anticipation, which was very apparent by the ecstatic expressions, leaping bodies, energetic cheers, and tearful emotion.  However, I stood frozen and emotionless watching him draw near.  My response wasn’t in lack of excitement, rather, it was silenced by my awe of him.  The freedom I have to live, to love, and to play comes at the cost of someone else’s sacrifice.  We all have heroes who fight for our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness, and in that moment my hero was walking straight towards me.



My jersey and Scott’s dog tags.

Captain Scott Fee inspires me to play the sport I love.