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What Does It Take To Become An Olympian? Chapter 4: Appreciate Your Teammates.

  • 2 Years, 8 Months AGO
What Does It Take To Become An Olympian? Chapter 4:  Appreciate Your Teammates. 

Sports and the military are two avenues through which you can meet some of the most skilled, confident, and dynamic women on earth. Why? These fields require an individual to exemplify both leadership and humility all under one roof.
Athletes are shaped and molded through lessons of leadership and are sharpened by their humility when they choose to follow.  
Both actions are essential in order to be an effective teammate.

When I look around the locker room, I am in awe of what my teammates have done, who they are now, and the things I know they will achieve in the future.  They have led their teams on the battlefield at their universities, they represent Team USA with integrity and sacrifice, and they will find success in anything they set their mind to. Don’t even get me started about the array of personalities on this team! Name any trait you would find in an elementary school classroom and you can find it here. Brainy? Got it. Messy? Yep. Athletic? Of course.  Class Clown? Definitely.  Loud, Quiet? Got Those! Teachers Pet? Well …Just kidding!
It is a true honor to know and work with such an amazing group of women. I appreciate them, all of them, past and present. I hope to be standing beside some of them on the Olympic stage, but if not, they will hear me cheering from Lancaster all the way to Rio. I am so proud to be on this team and to be a part of this family.