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Two lives were completely changed…

  • 4 Years, 1 Month AGO

Two lives were completely changed over a dinner conversation, when ECORE’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Bo Barber, and two men from Specialized Supplies Services, an Everlast Fitness Flooring Distributor, in Miami, Fla. engaged in a conversation about health and fitness. In a game-like way Barber gave them a fitness challenge. “If I was serious about it, he would find a way to get a program running at ECORE, and use me as an example,” said Joe Lopez. Fellow co-worker and friend, Jose Aguiar, said, “I entered the challenge to support Joe and lose some weight myself.” These men are inspiring examples of dedication and work-ethic, as they overcame numerous trials and temptations during a three-month weight loss challenge.

On day one Lopez weighed in at 350-pounds. Aguiar weighed in at 301-pounds. Both men, discouraged by their weight, rose to the challenge by getting a trainer to assist them through the 90 days. The journey began with many speed bumps to surmount, as mental cravings gripped their thoughts and excruciating workouts seemed endless. When asked about the practical steps taken throughout the challenge, following a nutritious diet was the number one answer. “I didn’t get fat by not working out, I got fat by eating bad, so that became the target,” said Aguiar. On top of strictly monitoring caloric intake, their training regiment included lifting, plyometrics, resistance training, and other exercises typical to cross fit.


Jose with his trainer

Every two weeks, these men stepped on a scale to track their progress throughout the challenge. Staying motivated was the central factor to their commitment, especially when the going got tough. Aguiar fought through his trials with these simple, yet profound words from his trainer: “You can do it! There is nothing you can’t do.” For Lopez, his motivation for accepting the challenge and pushing through was, “the fear of dying to be honest.” After hitting 350-pounds he began to experience severe back pain, breathing issues, and ankle bruising. Fortunately for Lopez, he was not affected by diabetes, which is a very common issue in his family. “I am extremely blessed to have pushed my body that far in the wrong direction and to not have gotten something bad to come out of it,” said Lopez. “It really put the fear of God in me.”

Joe's Transformation

Joe Lopez’s Transformation


Jose Aguiar’s Transformation

Both men agree the challenge was far from easy, but worth every drop of sweat. Unfortunately for Aguiar, he obtained an injury during a workout on the 60th day, so his challenge was cut short. He still managed to drop 50-pounds. Aguiar plans to continue his training regiment with full force, after he recovers from surgery at the end of next month. Lopez was able to complete the full 90 days with the final scale reading 282, a loss of 68-pounds. On top of the apparent physical changes, Lopez is embracing the many health benefits due to his weight loss. “It’s the simple things,” said Lopez. “I can breathe better. My back pain has gone away. My sleep apnea, commonly related to obesity is gone. My body isn’t in pain.” Lopez has already begun another 90 day cycle and will be ready to post a picture of his washboard abs in three months!

The successful efforts of Lopez and Aguiar have inspired ECORE to host its first BE FIT CHALLENGE. All ECORE employees and associates are eligible to participate in this 90-day competition beginning March 1st. One man and one woman, who lose the most weight at the end of the challenge (May 30th), will each win a Vision Fitness S60 Suspension Elliptical™ Trainer provided by MDI Fitness and Everlast Fitness Flooring. Everlast will also donate flooring to go underneath each elliptical.

“If there is any doubt in your mind about the 90 day challenge, Joe and I are living proof that it works! I lost 50lbs in 60 days! You can’t say it doesn’t work,” said Aguiar.