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Success! Interview with Kasey Gordon

  • 3 Years, 12 Months AGO

What was the hardest part of the challenge?

I have always struggled with my weight, but the support of my family and friends is the best thing I could have next to me when the challenge got tough! The hardest part for me was watching my family eat the things we all love to eat.  They are a great support team for me, but I hated to deprive them when they do not struggle with weight like I do.  I am fortunate though that they changed some of their ways to help me.  After a few weeks, it didn’t matter to me any longer, but their choices of snacking got better. 

What motivated you to push through?

Knowing I needed to make life changes in order to lower a rising blood pressure and to make better choices for my health and the health of my family motivated me to change many things in diet and exercise.  Showing my son, daughter and grand-daughter healthier habits continues to motivate me so that I am here for them as a mother and grandmother.

What are some of the healthy changes you made?

I started out logging everything I ate into an app on my phone.  It helped me stay within a range of calories in a day so that I could train my brain on when to know that I had reached a caloric limit for the day.  Adding a walk to my day also helps!!!  My 11 yr old son takes a class to help with speed and endurance for baseball.  After watching one of his workouts, I realized there wasn’t anything done there that we couldn’t do at home. I mentioned it and my son said, “I’ll be your trainer.”  That night he started me out, “give me 30 minutes on the treadmill and come see me when you’re done” is what he said.  He then had me work out for the next hour on resistance bands, Wii and floor exercises (after my 30 minutes on the treadmill!).  That was a heck of a workout!!!  I picked up some of his moves and continued them myself.  I do feel I need more of a daily or weekly routine to continue on and by having the elliptical in my room, will start my day with a quick routine along with the resistance bands.

Anything else you would like to share!! –

This is an opportunity for me to thank the original guys who helped jumpstart us all into a healthier 2014 – Joe Lopez and Jose Agular, thank you so much for allowing us to watch your journey.  You have shared so much of yourselves that it motivated many followers to take control of our own struggles and begin a routine to be healthier.  I also need to thank MDI Fitness and Ecore Intl for their generous donation to help reach my goal for 2015. The equipment, flooring and the ability to log and track our progress has been and will be instrumental in the success of so many!   I already have the next phase in mind for my journey – ride along and watch me make good use of this equipment!!! 

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU to my husband for always making me feel like a supermodel no matter what – he motivates me every day through his love and prayers for my good health!  Thank you Mikee! 1-4-3