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How To Find your Training Target Heart Rate

  • 4 Years, 3 Months AGO

Since February is American Heart Month, now is a great time to give your heart a check-up; especially, since heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women. Aerobic activity is very beneficial to the heart. To receive the most from your workout, it’s a good idea to know your target heart rate, which can be defined as: a specific age-based pulse rate to be maintained during aerobic exercise to ensure optimal cardiovascular function.

You can easily find your Target Heart Rate (THR) by using the

Karvonen formula.

1) Resting Heart Rate (RHR):

Your pulse at rest = ______

2) Maximum Heart Rate (MHR):

220 – Age = ______

3) Heart Rate Reserve (HRR):

Max HR – Resting HR = ______

Once you have your Heart Rate Reserve, you can

calculate your Target Heart Rate:

4) (HRR x .85) + RHR = Upper end of training zone

5) (HRR x .50) + RHR = Lower end of training zone

What is your Target Heart Rate Range ____ – ____?



This tip was provided by:
Scott Shaffer B.S. C.S.C.S
Senior Wellness Coach Wellness Coaches USA