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That One Moment

  • 2 Years, 11 Months AGO

I don’t think I will fully be able to comprehend the depths of what I currently represent until I have retired. Trust me, I have tried. And even with all the constant reminders of U-S-A everything in my face all day long, it’s still difficult to wrap my head around the idea that I play for my Country.

It isn’t until this brief moment that the complete magnitude of my occupation hits me:


For 120 seconds, my job makes sense. As the National Anthem plays, linked arm in arm with my teammates and with a hand over my heart, emotions hit like me like a ton of bricks. The spark of pride for my team and my Country overtakes me, and everything that I have worked for, fought for, pushed for, sacrificed for, and lost for, all becomes worth it in that one moment.