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World League Semifinals #RoadToRio

  • 3 Years AGO

Valencia, Spain. A beautiful gem in the world. Upon my arrival back to the States in a couple weeks I will gladly check off “Business Trip” on the arrival slip, but will do so with every intention of returning for all things related to rest and relaxation in the future.


As mentioned, we are here for business. During the months of June and July we will be fighting for one of the 12 competition slots in the 2016 Olympic Games. The World League Semifinals consists of two pools with five teams in each, and finishing in the top three will punch our ticket to the Big Dance. Our first match is against Uruguay and we are excited to get the ball rolling.


Consider this the climax of our journey – “The Highest or most intense point in the development or resolution of something.” We have fought, trained, loved, hated, ran, worked, bled, hurt, laughed, ran again, over reached, enjoyed, wanted to stop, never did stop, and did pull ups… plenty of pull ups to get to this point.

We. Are. Ready.

Some may wonder about the intensity of our nerves or if butterflies have made a nest in our stomach. Fortunately for us, we rest in knowing that every list has been checked off and every ounce of effort has been given. From the personnel training at home, to the squad representing at this tournament, we are Un1ted, and that is the most calming and energizing statement of them all.



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