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Changing the Face of Resolutions

  • 3 Years, 5 Months AGO

Life – the constant in-and-out of do this, don’t do that, be here, be there, and always be good at it, whatever it is.

I was driving to practice the other morning and I found myself deep in thought during the long Main St. road of Mount Joy, Pa. I was mesmerized with with the fact that another 3 week block of training was coming to an end, and our well-deserved regeneration week was about to begin. The complete shock of one month almost gone in this “New Year” had me asking Life’s in-and-out questions, “What could I have done more of, less of, where should I have been, where else could I have been, and could I have been better at it, whatever it was?”

You probably asked yourself these questions at the end of 2014 when you were setting your 2015 resolutions. We all did, and most of us answered along these lines – Lose Weight, Get Organized, Spend Less, Save More, Enjoy Life to the Fullest, Stay Fit and Healthy, Learn Something Exciting, Quit Smoking, Help Others More, Fall in Love, Spend More Time with Family. But weren’t  these last year’s resolutions? And weren’t these “firm decisions to do something,” set in 2013, 2012, 2011?? Why are these always at the the top of the list? You would think if they were actually being accomplished each year, then the list would start changing, even a little bit!

It’s about time we changed the face of resolutions. Rather than making them a continuation of your to-do list, resolutions should be a change of pace for the better in your every single day. That means setting positive intentions for yourself in the midst of Life’s in-and-out chaos.

My everyday resolution –

Do this, but enjoy the moment; Don’t do that, but don’t forget to treat myself; Be here, but do something for others along the way; Be there, but always take the road less traveled; And always be good at it, but know that my mistakes have made me who I am today; and I am happy today.