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The #AthletesMatter Campaign

  • 3 Years, 5 Months AGO

Hello Everyone!
Express Yourself. Define Yourself. #AthletesMatter.

Once you walk across the sideline, it’s go time. It’s time to pound, to grind, to run, to sprint, to fall, to get back up, to give it your all. Ask yourself, if the surface you play on could speak, what would it say about you? What would it see when the coaches back is turned and no one else is looking? If the surface you play on could see your every action and hear your every word, how would you be defined?

Objective: Think about the following statements and record a short video with your response with your i-phone/hand-held device! Begin each statement with, “If the surface I play on could..”

And finish with one of these options:
1) SPEAK, It would say, ” ___(ex. That I work harder than my competition)___
2) SEE, it would see, ” __(ex. Me working on extra free throws after practice)__
3) HEAR, it would hear, ” __(ex. Me constantly pumping up my teammates in practice__

Example: (Check out this example from Jack Sofillas – age 8) CLICK HERE: IMG_0138

Important: Feel free to post a video of yourself, your family members, or anyone who likes to play sports. Be creative and always #AthletesMatter when you post your video.
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