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  • 3 Years, 7 Months AGO

Hey Everyone! I apologize for the long hiatus since my last post but I plan to get things back on track! We recently travelled to New Zealand for a 6 game practice series verse the Black Sticks. The trip only solidified my opinion that New Zealand is at the top of the list for favorite places travelled in the World. The Country can somehow make even a parking lot look beautiful. Here are some photos of trip to show you a little bit about the adventures of #tourlife .

Photo 1: Team Selfie leaving the Nook and heading to Newark Airport!


Photo 2: Total Hours of travel = 36! Including a 14hour plane ride to New Zealand. Thankfully, “How to Train a Dragon 2,” “Chef,” and Tylenol PM got me through. IMG_3499


Photo3: We played at 3 different Venues in the North Island of New Zealand – Taranaki, Manawatu, Wairarapa.



Photo 4: Field 1 in Taranaki. We Tied and Lost in the first two games.



Photo 5: We were riding in style and put quite a few miles on these Hertz Vans.





Photo 6: We Stayed at a family owned Motel in Taranaki and became friends with “Richie” during our stay.



Photo 7: Shout out to ECORE ATHLETIC! We were able to visit Mt. Taranaki and hike to Dawson Falls. It was beautiful!





Photo 8: Field 2 was in Manawatu, NZ. We picked up the pace and won our next two games! IMG_3665


Photo 9: Shout Out to my awesome sponsor DITA! Loved seeing the brand in shops throughout New Zealand.



Photo 10: Birthdays on tour are are always celebrated with make-shift cakes and teammates you consider to be family.



Photo 11: In one location we had about 9 players in one house and this sums up the morning coffee situation. IMG_3720

Photo 12: Want to know how to pack a van while traveling all throughout New Zealand?



Photo 13: Friday Night Lights.



Photo 14: The 3rd and final field where we lost 1 and won 1. We ended the tournament 1 win ahead of the Black Sticks. GO USA!



Photo 15: We had a couple days for team bonding activities. Zip Lining was an incredible highlight of the trip.