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Scotland Adventures

  • 4 Years, 1 Month AGO

I am currently writing this post from a café in Glasgow, Scotland.

We are on tour competing in a tournament called the Champions Challenge and have just stepped into the top seed of our pool after defeating Ireland 3-0 this morning. We beat Spain in our first match and gave up a tough loss against South Africa in the second game, but our eyes are focused forward to our first round of crossover play against India tomorrow. Go USA! Visit to find a link to our upcoming games in the Champions Challenge.


We have had some down time to venture into the happening city of Glasgow. The architectural makeup is unique. Among the gorgeous historic structures that boast breathtaking designs carved meticulously in the stone, many modern buildings have been erected that give off a much more sleek and contemporary vibe. Throughout most my twists and turns downtown, I almost forgot I had left America. Starbucks is intermixed at every block, Forever 21 is 3-stories high, Nike Swoosh symbols fill just about every ad, and there are even candy stores that only sell America’s finest (see picture below).



Joining the team just out of college meant my life wouldn’t be defined by a desk job. Our coaching staff diligently crafts our demanding schedule so that we can reach peak physical performance for major tournaments such as the World Cup (This June!) and the Olympics (Rio 2016). Competitions such as these in Glasgow are great practice opportunities for the squad to monitor all of our hard work and see where we stand with other teams around the world. Currently USA ranks in around 10th place, but after some successful (and soon to be successful) Champions Challenge matches paired with a hard two week training phase, we plan on making quite a statement in the World Cup. Stay tuned.