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The Movement

a group exercise in a gym.

Ecore defines safety, health, and wellness as its most important Organizational Core Value. The Be Fit Movement represents a petition for wellness. By joining The Movement, you are agreeing to be the best version of yourself by living an active, healthy lifestyle. Additionally, Movement members are invited to compete in Be Fit Challenges, hosted by Ecore.

Ecore invites you to join with us in declaring that fitness matters. We want to stand up in front of our customers, partners, vendors, as well as friends and family and declare our choice and our commitment to helping others achieve their personal fitness goals. We invite you to join this movement by essentially signing a living petition that documents your personal choice to treat your body the way you would like your body to treat you, as well as a communal choice to support those around you to BE FIT! Positive peer pressure is a powerful thing!

Join the movement