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Companywide Softball Game!

The Movement

Ecore is passionate about its employees being the best versions of themselves as possible. This means Being Fit! By joining the Be Fit Movement, you are signing a petition for wellness. And it’s not just for Ecore employees! We encourage our customers, partners, vendors, friends, and family to accept the challenge too. Make a conscious choice to live better!

The Goal

Our goal is not about changing people, but people changing! We want 100,000 to join the Be Fit Movement, and then we will set another goal. We will strive to create a communal destination for inspiration, support, knowledge and tools.

The Challenge

We will periodically sponsor competitive challenges to fuel the fire of fitness. Starting Holiday 2014: The Happy Healthy Holiday Challenge dares each participant to maintain their weight for 5 weeks from November 26th through December 31st.